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Midnight (1916 - 1936)


Breeder: Cooper Ranch near Roosevelt, Oklahoma

  • Sire: Badger

  • Dam: Nellie Trammell

  • Grey, 15.2, 1150 pounds

Born black, in maturity he was a flea bitten grey, and before his death he was almost snow white.




  Halter and Performance Record: None      



Owners of Record:

  • 1920 - Red Whaley of Texas

  • 1920 - Waggoneer Ranch of Vernon, Texas

  • 1930 - JA Ranch of Clarendon, Texas (founded by Charles Goodnight)

  • 1934 - Aubra Bowers of Allison, Texas



  After a long bout with rheumatism the mighty stallion died in July 1936 and is buried at the Bowers Ranch  


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