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Joe Hancock (1923 - 1943)

AQHA Hall of Fame

Breeder: John Jackson Hancock

  • Sire: John Wilkens by Peter McCue
  • Dam: Hancock Mare (thought to be half percheron)
  • Dark Brown, 15.3 hands, 1200 pounds







Halter and Performance Record: None


  Progeny Record:
  • Foal Crops: 15
  • Foals Registered: 155
  • Performance Point Earners: 2
  • Performance Points Earned: 23
  • Leading Race Money Earner: Wonder Lad ($337)
  • Race Money Earned: $337
  • Race Registers of Merit: 6
  • Race Starters: 7

  Owners of Record:
  • 1925 - Joe David Hancock of Nocona, Texas
  • mid 30's - George Ogle for $1,000
  • 2 days later - Tom Burnett of Iowa Park (6666 Ranch), Texas for $2,000
  Died July 29, 1943 after complications from an infectious wire cut and founder.  Was considered the greatest sire of roping horses.  


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