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Jaguar (1952 - 1973)

AQHA #46483

BREEDER: Lewis M. Blackwell, Amarillo, TX

  • Sire: Custus Rastus (TB)
  • Dam: Mame Taylor
  • Black, 15 hands, 1200 lbs.





Halter and Performance Record:

  • AQHA Champion

  • AAA+, l2-1-2-2

  • AQHA ROM Race

  • Superior Performance

  • 32 AQHA Race Points

  • 16 AQHA Halter Points

  Owner of Record:
  •  Ed H. Honnen Const. Co., Englewood, CO
  Progeny Record:
  • AQHA Champions
  • ROM Arena
  • Superior Halter






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