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Gonzales Joe Bailey (1919 - 1947)

AQHA Registration # P-4

Breeder: Dr. J.W. Nixon of Gonzales, Texas

  • Sire: Little King
  • Dam: Brown Nixon Mare
  • Chestnut, 15 hands, 1,150 pounds

Named after his maternal grandsire "Old Joe Bailey"

Halter and Performance Record: none






  Progeny Record:
  • Foal Crops: 18
  • Foals Registered: 257
  • Performance Point-Earners: 1
  • Performance Points Earned: 1
  • Leading Race Money-Earner: Flicka F ($767)
  • Performance Registers of Merit: 1
  • Race Money Earned: $1,418
  • Race Registers of Merit: 7
  • Race Starters: 15

  Owners of Record:
  • 1927 - Dr. Nixon traded Orange Thomas in exchange for a mule jack.
  • 1927 - sold to brothers-in-law J.B. Ellis & C.E. Dickerson of Gonzales for $225 and used him as a stud for the next 20 years.

  Although no one knows for sure, it is estimated that he sired over 1500 foals.  This includes 20 years before the formation of the AQHA.  Gonzales Joe Bailey is described as an agreeable horse that was lightning quick.  So fast that "he was almost scary to ride... and that your eyes would water while in the saddle". His offspring where highly prized.

He died May 3, 1947 at the Ellis Ranch in Gonzales, Texas, 2 days short of turning 28, where he had lived for two decades.



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