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Rest in Peace our Dear Friend


  Jack was our beloved herd sire that was lost to us in April 2007.  He died of a heart attack following a breeding session.  He was only 19 years old.

Simple words just can't describe how incredible a stallion that he was and how sad we still are that he is gone from us in this world.

Jack was 100% Foundation Quarter Horse and was perfect in everyway.  He was one of a kind.

Jack sired over a hundred foals in his lifetime.








  Jack had the distinction of being the ONLY solid black foundation quarter horse breeding stallion in the world.

He was an uncommonly good-natured horse, easy to handle, easy on the mares, and passed his gentle and agreeable disposition to his offspring.

Jack was an "honest to God" good horse, for which we take no credit.

Jack was a classic "Bulldog" type foundation quarter horse with the bones, muscles and size that tells you that he was the real McCoy.  He stood 15-2 hands at 1350 pounds.





We are grateful for the years that we had with him, and when we look into the eyes of his sons and daughters, we see our Jack in the twinkle of their eyes...we sure do miss him.




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