Westphalia Ranch


Foundation Bred American Quarter Horses


Preserving a 400 year American Legacy by breeding









Westphalia Ranch is located on 115 acres of which 90 acres is grassland.  The entirety is surrounded by thick hardwood forests and provides tremendous privacy.


We have a fully covered 60' x 110' breeding facility  







  Teasing & Live Cover Area -  solid walled and fully rubber lined with a protected area for foals  

  6 - super large 12' x 32' mare & foal stalls, complete with rubber lined walls, geo-thermal waterer and dual feed troughs  

  All of our hay and pastures is Orchardgrass which we cut and cure here at the ranch.  


  Each pasture (18) has a geo-thermal watering station that provides clean fresh and algae free well water.  




   Please take a moment to remember our brave soldiers that are in harm's way around the globe in defense of our safety and freedom, and for their families and loved ones that await their safe return.


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