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      Most folks believe that the Quarter Horse is originally a western horse.  Not true.  Although popularized in the west, it is actually a Virginia breed.

The breed traces its origins to colonial Virginia where English settlers, as early as 1611, bred their imported horses to resident horses which were liberated by native Indian tribes from the early Spanish explorers a century before.

Westphalia Ranch is proudly located in the ancestral birthplace of the American Quarter Horse which was known to be between the Rappahannock and York Rivers

Located 20 miles east of Fredericksburg Virginia near the banks of the historic Rappahannock River, Westphalia Ranch is one of only a few premier breeders of "real" quarter horses in the United States.  We produce a modest number of foals each year from our select stallions and broodmares.









We are dedicated to the preservation of the "Quarter Type Horse" as it was originally intended.  All of our horses are descendants of the stallions and mares that formed the breed registry.

It is important to know that foals produced here are descendants of at least fifteen (15) "American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame Stallions", as well as, countless Champions, and are predisposed to participate in most any discipline. 

Naturally we are proud of our horses.  All are exquisitely bred and have the conformation, temperament, natural intelligence, bones, muscle, and that "kind eye" that have made the Quarter Horse the most desirable and popular breed in the world.

The distinction between our horses and most modern quarter horses is that ours have NO additional thoroughbred blood in them for many generations.  A little known fact is that the thoroughbred has indeed influenced the Quarter Horse breed but that many modern quarter horses are as much as 1/2, 3/4 and even 7/8 thoroughbred.  Plainly not "Quarter Type" horses as originally intended.

Our breeding program stands as a bulwark to preserve and maintain the breed that has a 400 year American history.


Our purpose is to produce the finest animals humanly possible using good common sense, a good eye, and a good handle on worth.

In our view if one starts out with good stock, treats them well, handles them often, and gives them the attention they deserve, then most of the time you end up with some really fine horses.

We make the greatest attempt at raising friendly, sound and attractive animals that will provide the end user with a real value.  No fluff.  We love our horses, and we know that you will too.

Anyone would look long and hard to find better quarter horses than those that are here at Westphalia.


  We take great effort to produce the breed's finest examples by continuing the legacy and traditions of our forefathers.

If you are looking for that "real" Quarter Horse, or are seeking that perfect stallion to breed to your mare, then you have come to the right place.

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